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New Patient to Open Door?

  At Open Door we consider ourselves partners in your care team. We will help you develop your own personalized care plan and help coordinate and advocate with other health or wellness teams you are a part of. [fancy-title type="h3"]Preparing For Your Appointment[/fancy-title] Bring a list of your current medications (or bring the bottles) so [...]

Notes from Julie Ohnemus, MD

  "I came to NorthCountry Clinic because of its mission to provide care for everyone, regardless of social status, income or insurance; and its focus on community health. We see a broad spectrum of patients, from HSU professors to homeless individuals. With each person who walks through our door, we do our best to listen, [...]

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The Importance of Tdap Immunizations

Whooping cough is a serious disease which can be fatal to infants and young children. It starts with cold like symptoms, mild cough, runny nose, and mild fever which last 1-2 weeks; this is also the infectious stage of the disease.  By the time that the severe cough starts and whooping cough is suspected the [...]

NorthCountry Clinic

[fancy-title type="h3"]Caring For The Individual[/fancy-title] “They will call you when they say they will call. If your provider cannot call you, another provider will make sure to call. This is unlike any health care I have received from other places. I’ve never felt so loved by a clinic,” says Hank Larmuseau. “They go the extra mile [...]

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Open Door Patient Shares Her Story

Lisa and her sons, Dorian and Becker. Lisa Stromme Rine may not fit your idea of an Open Door patient. She is a civil engineer specializing in water resources, working at SHN Consulting Engineers & Geologists, Inc. in Eureka. When Lisa became pregnant with her first child in 2006, she sought her prenatal [...]

Members of the Open Door Patient Advisory Share Their Experience

When Maile Cortez and her husband moved to Arcata ten years ago, they worried about how to manage their significant medical concerns. They saw Humboldt Open Door Clinic (HODC), walked through the front door and found the right place. The respect and care that the Cortez’ received convinced Maile that they had found their home. [...]