Eureka Community Health Center

Eureka Community Health Center

Health Connections Program

Health Connections is a free program available to Open Door patients. The Health Connections provides patients with access to a Health Coach who is part of your Open Door team. Your Health Coach will work closely with your Primary Care Provider and meet with you to develop a plan to [...]

New Patient to Open Door?

  At Open Door we consider ourselves partners in your care team. We will help you develop your own personalized care plan and help coordinate and advocate with other health or wellness teams you are a part of. [fancy-title type="h3"]Preparing For Your Appointment[/fancy-title] Bring a list of your current medications [...]

Eureka Community Health and Wellness Center

[fancy-title type="h3"]The Whole Person[/fancy-title] “Sometimes there just aren’t words for what a person is feeling,“ says Shari Marchesi, a Eureka Community Health Center (ECHC) patient. Patient Sheri Marchesi “I know what I’m going through emotionally affects my health overall, and my physical health certainly influences my psychological well-being.” [...]

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Members of the Open Door Patient Advisory Share Their Experience

When Maile Cortez and her husband moved to Arcata ten years ago, they worried about how to manage their significant medical concerns. They saw Humboldt Open Door Clinic (HODC), walked through the front door and found the right place. The respect and care that the Cortez’ received convinced Maile that [...]

Living Well

How to feel good through food and healthy lifestyle. Free sessions in Eureka...

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Kids Express

Kids Express is staffed with a pediatrician, physician assistant or nurse practitioner as well as specially trained nurses and medical assistants. “This is a service open to all parents and children in our community. You don’t need to be a patient of our system to use Kids Express,” explains Catherine [...]

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