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Eureka Community Health and Wellness Center

[fancy-title type="h3"]The Whole Person[/fancy-title] “Sometimes there just aren’t words for what a person is feeling,“ says Shari Marchesi, a Eureka Community Health Center (ECHC) patient. Patient Sheri Marchesi “I know what I’m going through emotionally affects my health overall, and my physical health certainly influences my psychological well-being.” [...]

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Humboldt Open Door

[fancy-title type="h3"]Setting the Stage, Living the Mission[/fancy-title] When Norman Bell arrived on the North Coast in 1976 he too was looking for a home; an organization with a community health model, a mission he could stand behind, and an infrastructure in place that held the promise for his future and [...]

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Notes from Julie Ohnemus, MD

  "I came to NorthCountry Clinic because of its mission to provide care for everyone, regardless of social status, income or insurance; and its focus on community health. We see a broad spectrum of patients, from HSU professors to homeless individuals. With each person who walks through our door, we [...]

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The Importance of Tdap Immunizations

Whooping cough is a serious disease which can be fatal to infants and young children. It starts with cold like symptoms, mild cough, runny nose, and mild fever which last 1-2 weeks; this is also the infectious stage of the disease.  By the time that the severe cough starts and [...]

NorthCountry Clinic

[fancy-title type="h3"]Caring For The Individual[/fancy-title] “They will call you when they say they will call. If your provider cannot call you, another provider will make sure to call. This is unlike any health care I have received from other places. I’ve never felt so loved by a clinic,” says Hank Larmuseau. [...]

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