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Del Norte Community Health Center

[fancy-title type="h3"]Keeping The Community Healthy[/fancy-title] “Our patients are working professionals, homeless community members, retirees, children, and everyone in between,” says Hilda Yepes-Contreras, site administrator at Del Norte Community Health Center, “I think there used to be a misconception that we only saw MediCal patients, but that just isn’t the case. We do quality care here, [...]

Willow Creek Community Health Center

[fancy-title type="h3"]Putting Community, In Community Health[/fancy-title] “What we are doing here is providing absolutely personal care. We’ve been here a long time and this is our community. Patients come to us because this is their community health center,” says Norman Bensky, MD, medical director of the Willow Creek Community Health Center (WCCHC) and long-time Willow [...]

McKinleyville Community Health Center

“I came here in 1980 to join the Humboldt Open Door Clinic in Arcata when it was still in the Tin Can Mailman building. I was interested in family practice and obstetrics,” says William Carlson, MD. When Open Door opened the McKinleyville Community Health Center, Dr. Carlson, now the site’s medical director, moved to the [...]