TVSC Mobile Health Van Doing Outreach in Valley West / Giuntoli Lane, Arcata

Open Door partners to bring health care to houseless population in an outlying part of Arcata

Open Door’s Mobile Health Services Team, brought its licensed clinic on wheels to Carlson Park, in Arcata, to bring healthcare to houseless community members in a less accessible part of the city.

The outreach event took place at Giuntoli Lane, Arcata, on Wednesday January 23, 2019. Open Door’s Mobile Team joined representatives from the other partners who offer health care, education, social services, and navigation of community resources to all in need.

Arcata Chief of Police Brian Ahearn welcomed the teams in person and committed his department’s support for collaborations aimed at bringing care to all of Arcata’s citizens.

The City of Arcata, Open Door Community Health Centers, Arcata House Partnership, the Department of Health and Human Services, Humboldt County, and Arcata Police Department partnered to bring a range of services to the houseless population in the areas around Valley West and Giuntoli Lane in Arcata, where services are hard to reach.

The partnership came about through the Arcata Homelessness Services Workgroup to meet the needs of community members without easy access to services and to reduce the impact of houselessness on all residents in the area. This effort and others from the workgroup are developing new and innovative ways to bring care to the whole community, particularly those without housing.