UCSF Dental Intern Johanna Chung

One of the unique aspects of the Burre Dental Center is its connection to the School of Dentistry at the University of California, San Francisco. Fourth-year students and post-graduate residents rotate through the clinic, bringing their training to the clinic and getting a “real-world” experience in providing community dentistry. According to Tram Vu, fourth-year intern, “Our experience at Burre has provided confidence with both our clinical and patient relations skills. We have become more efficient with our time while still providing quality care and education. After our rotations, we definitely notice an improvement in speed and skills. We work with wonderful dental assistants, which is something that we do not have at UCSF. The dental assistants have exposed us to the effectiveness of four-handed dentistry. We see an amazing range of dental needs at Burre. We try to see an average of 10 a day here; at school, we average 3. As future dentists, our time at Burre has taught us the importance taking an active role in providing for the community.

UCSF Resident Grayson Palmer, DDS

Grayson Palmer, DDS Resident, explains, “We apply to be placed at a site and Burre is a very popular site because of the quality of our experience. I have done much more hands-on dentistry here than many of my classmates at other sites. This has been an amazing learning opportunity. I really enjoy working as a team with my assistant. I am now interested in continuing to work in a community health center. I’m hoping to continue on as a provider at Burre once my residency obligation is completed. My wife, daughter and I enjoy living in this community.”

Johanna Chang just completed her second internship rotation at Burre. “I love working with the children, and I now recognize the importance of screening and education. This has been an incredibly challenging and inspiring experience. The lectures and clinics at school were mere shadows in comparison to what I’ve experienced and learned here. I have gained so much that only this kind of hands-on experience could give me. And I feel confident, with the great team around me, that we are providing patients with the best care possible. We are not compromising quality. I am grateful to train at a site where advancements in treatment alternatives are being used on a regular basis. The environment itself motivates me every day.”

According to Dr. Wright, “Our partnership with UCSF creates access to care that we wouldn’t have any other way. These students are not only skilled and eager to learn, they are committed to the highest standards of quality and care. They are learning valuable lessons while contributing to our knowledge, bringing with them the latest training and advancements in dentistry. It is a great association for the students, for our staff, and for our patients.”