A campaign to build a new state of the art medical facility in Fortuna, Ca.

“A crisis in health care has been unfolding in the Eel River Valley. Primary care providers have been overwhelmed and more of our colleagues are expected to retire or relocate in coming years. Those health care practitioners who remain will be stretched beyond capacity. While Open Door Community Health Centers has stepped in to absorb the former Humboldt Medical Group and the former Redwood Internal Medicine practices, Eel River Valley residents are at risk of having inadequate primary health care resources in the not too distant future.

The facilities now used by Open Door just can’t support the need and demand for primary care. There have been challenges to recruiting new providers and retaining those who have been here. Open Door is making a difference; however, the existing offices are inadequate for the comprehensive care our community deserves.
Representatives of the Eel River Valley, myself included, asked Open Door to consider the construction of a new primary health care facility in Fortuna. This new center will expand access, increase efficiency and provide a comprehensive range of medical, dental and behavioral health services.

It will take the efforts of us all to make the Fortuna Community Health Center a reality. Standing still is not an option; the way forward is by working together.”

Robin Smith, FNP
President/Managing Partner (retired)
Humboldt Medical Group, Inc.


The Changing nature of care:

The goals for Open Door and community partners in the Eel River Valley is to develop a health center that will meet the needs of all members of the community long into the future while supporting the valued quality services of Redwood Memorial Hospital. Other Open Door clinics, as well as health centers across the nation have become the primary medical home for generations of families, creating strong relationships and building health care teams that engage patients in their own health and health management.

By working in tandem with local hospitals, we in turn collectively provide a continuum of care that improves the health of our entire community. More and more health care providers are looking for larger organizations that have the prospect of support, collaboration and access to technology. Humboldt County has had a difficult time recruiting new primary care providers. Private practices are closing and not being replaced. The clinic structure offers improved provider opportunities, has better recruitment success, and provides more access and more services. It is where health care should be going. It is what we can bring to the Eel River Valley.

When the new Fortuna Community Health Center is completed there will be 75% more room than the current Open Door facilities in Ferndale and Fortuna. Patients will then be seen by their Care Teams in a state-of-the-art health care facility.

Open Door Community Health Centers brings a proven model of sustainable healthcare, opportunity and access to the Eel River Valley. Forty-five years after openings its doors in Humboldt County, Open Door now has 13 health centers, 500 employees and is the “family doc” to more than 75,000 patients in Humboldt and Del Norte Counties. Open Door focuses on the continuum of care, from illness prevention and health maintenance to disease management and treatment, an approach that improves patient and community health while attracting patients and providers to our area. This is exactly what the Eel River Valley needs.

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Building this new $12 million health center will require a combination of federal loans, local foundation grants and support from the residents of the Eel River Valley. The McLean Foundation has already donated over $2 million dollars to this project. As a community, we need to raise an additional $3 million to make this facility a reality. Your tax-deductible contributions are essential. You can donate today, on this website. Just click on the blue ” donate” button at the top right hand side of this page.

Your help is needed. Please join your friends, family, neighbors and other residents of the Eel River Valley by contributing toward this $3 million goal. Help ensure that our community has access to comprehensive, high quality health care.

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