March 30 is National Doctor’s Day, when we celebrate our medical, dental, and behavioral health clinicians.

Here are some fun facts about doctors:

  • By The Beard of Zeus! – The first physicians swore to the Greek gods that their work in healing would meet ethical standards.
  • Ready For Your Examination?  – The word “Doctor” comes from the Latin root word “docere,” meaning “to teach.”
  • I now pronounce you Doctor and Doctor – 21% of doctors spouses are also doctors.
  • Women Doctors Making Strides  – The first woman doctor was Elizabeth Blackwell, who gained her medical degree from the Geneva Medical College in 1849. Today about 47% of graduating medical students are female.

Open Door doctors (and their care teams) have shown unwavering dedication to our patients and kept Open Door going during the pandemic.

Meet the providers making health happen on the North Coast.