Pregnant woman receiving a ultrasound scan on the stomach in hospitalOpen Door Community Health Centers has been providing Pregnancy Services to the North Coast since 1978. A lot has changed over the last 40 or so years! Two years ago, we took an opportunity to expand Pregnancy Services to meet the needs of the community. With changes to our Obstetrics team, we will be growing and improving our services again over the coming months.

Our Eureka-based Pregnancy Services clinic has a new, dedicated area at Redwood Community Health Center, where it will share a roof with our Family Medicine Residency program.

Bringing Pregnancy Services together with our residency will provide better continuity of care for patients and improve the residents’ training. Residents will gain expertise in both low- and high-risk outpatient prenatal care, as well as labor and delivery care at Providence St. Joseph’s Hospital.

New providers joining us, have a wealth of knowledge in both primary care and obstetrics, that will allow us to expand our services, offering newborn care, and bringing infants into long-term pediatric care with Redwood Community Health Center’s residents.

Open Door is excited to open a new chapter in Pregnancy Services, and in our Family Medicine Residency, at Redwood Community Health Center. We will also continue to provide care to Arcata patients at NorthCountry Prenatal Services, delivering babies at Mad River Community Hospital, and newborn care for up to two weeks, while we work with families to establish the right medical home for their ongoing care.

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