Lisa and her sons, Dorian and Becker.

Lisa and her sons, Dorian and Becker.

Lisa Stromme Rine may not fit your idea of an Open Door patient. She is a civil engineer specializing in water resources, working at SHN Consulting Engineers & Geologists, Inc. in Eureka. When Lisa became pregnant with her first child in 2006, she sought her prenatal and obstetrics care from NorthCountry Clinic in Arcata. “NorthCountry has a history and a reputation as a clinic dedicated to excellence. I was glad that I could rely on the quality of a comprehensive program rather than trying to shop private practices.” As a busy professional Lisa appreciated that the clinic was efficient, her appointments prompt and when she required more than the routine, her providers spent the extra time to answer her questions and address her concerns.

Lisa felt confident in the care she received. “I really appreciated the team approach. The knowledge of the staff far exceeded my expectations. The providers, the receptionists and everyone in between have specialized knowledge. They worked hard to meet my needs. I loved having a group of providers and feeling the support of a team who got to know my needs.”

Lisa came to Humboldt County to study Environmental Engineering at HSU in 1995, not coincidentally the first year HSU’s women’s soccer team went intercollegiate. In 1996 she met, and in 2004 married her husband, Tim Rine. “He’s the surfer, I’m the runner,” explains Lisa, who even with her busy schedule, remains an avid soccer player. “I’m the team captain for a co-ed soccer team. There are four Open Door employees on my soccer team. That’s just the way I think about my health care too, Open Door is part of my team.”

When Lisa and Tim became pregnant with their second child in 2009 , they “were happy to have a history with the OB providers and support staff at NorthCountry. I felt confident in the care I received with Dorian. Bonding with my health care providers during my prenatal care made me feel like I had options. I didn’t want to have a ‘medically driven’ birth experience if it wasn’t necessary. I felt like I had the best of both worlds. We had an agreement up front that we would let my body do what it was capable of doing and have as natural an experience as possible, and I knew the medical providers were there if necessary.”

Lisa recalls, “I really liked knowing that I would not have to worry about the availability of having just one provider, and they all have a wonderful bedside manner. My care was individualized and personal. I loved the Mad River Community Hospital Birth Center and the flexibility to pursue the kind of birth experience I wanted to have, knowing that I had medical expertise standing by. The births of both my sons Dorian and Becker were excellent experiences even though neither birth was without some complication. Dr. Alston provided me with personal care throughout. I was continually impressed with his ability to remain calm. I am so thankful that both births turned out to be such positive experiences.”

The whole family continues as patients of NorthCountry Clinic. And Lisa’s involvement with Open Door extends beyond her soccer and her health care. Her employer, SHN, is one of the firms helping to design Open Door’s new community health center in Eureka. “I’m so pleased to be part of a project that will undoubtedly have a positive impact. It’s so important that we can rely on each other here on the north coast to share the best of what we have to offer.”