“I moved to Humboldt County after graduating college in 2001. I received my teaching credential at HSU in 2006 and was fortunate to find a full time teaching job at Peninsula Union School. My husband, Colin, who moved here in 1996, is a graduate of HSU and has been a geologist with Pacific Watershed Associates for 10 years. We met while I was getting my credential and were married in Trinidad in 2008. After becoming pregnant with my son, I decided that I wanted to be a stay at home mom; however, I have recently joined the staff at Morris Elementary as a part-time Math Intervention Teacher and I have started an organic baby food company, Bountiful Baby, using local produce to provide Humboldt County babies with fresh, nutritious homemade meals.

When my husband & I found out that I was pregnant with our first child, we were overjoyed. I immediately made an appointment with Open Door’s prenatal services. I wanted to have our birth at Mad River Hospital and had heard good things about NPS. From our first appointment through our birth, we had a wonderful experience with the nurses, doctors, and midwives at NPS. Individualized attention is the most important aspect of healthcare for me and at first I was concerned about meeting with several doctors and midwives instead of working with just one doctor throughout my pregnancy. I quickly realized that my worries were unfounded. At NPS, I was able to establish personal relationships with all of the staff, receptionists, lab techs, nurses, doctors, and midwives, many of which continue.

Having a natural birth was important to me, and I felt completely supported by the NPS providers (and by the amazing nurses at Mad River). My labor began at 11pm on a Sunday. My husband and I walked around the hospital until it was time to get in our birth tub. Dr. Alston arrived at the hospital and was wonderful. As I labored, Dr. Alston was an unobtrusive presence in the room, offering guidance and support while letting my husband and me share in our private moment. When our son, Liam, was ready to be born, Dr. Alston was calm and assuring as he guided our baby into the world.

Our family is thankful for the great healthcare we have received from Open Door. We had a great experience at NPS, and we love our son’s pediatrician at Open Door’s McKinleyville Community Health Center. We are now expecting our second child this October, and again enjoying the care provided by NPS.

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