[member-grid items=” Ted Humphry” perrow=”4″ linkprofiles=”1″ /]You should, of course, take precautions to make sure medications and other poisons are kept locked and out of reach of children. But even in the most careful of homes, toddlers sometimes take advantage of the briefest opportunity to taste a forbidden substance. Maybe it will be the red berries in the back yard, the paint thinner while ” helping” an adult paint a chair, a pill on the floor from grandma’s purse, or fumes from a tanker truck accident.

If possible poisoning occurs; call the Poison Control Center at (800) 222-1222. Be prepared with the bottle label or a description of the plant, mushroom or incident.  Follow the directions given by the Poison Control Center.  They may suggest medical attention in the Emergency Room, but most calls are handled at home over the phone with the Poison Control Center.

Parents are no longer advised to have Ipecac or activated charcoal at home.

POISON CONTROL CENTER (24 HOURS). (800) 222-1222 This is a national number which connects to the “local” Poison Control Center – for the North Coast, that is  California Poison Control in San Francisco.


Dr. Humphry is Board Certified in Pediatrics and provides a full range of pediatric care from “premie” care through high school age adolescents. Dr. Humphry grew up in the Bay Area and graduated from Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo. He attended medical school at the University of Southern California and did a rotating internship at Vancouver General Hospital in British Columbia before working three years in general practice in the Indian Health Service in Alaska. Then he completed a pediatric residence at University of Oregon Health Sciences Center in Portland before moving to Arcata in 1977. Dr. Humphry has seven grown children and a dedicated, loyal wife. He enjoys outdoor activities and is a volunteer guide at Redwood National and State Parks.