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Primary Care Services

Cheyenne Spetzler

Senior Vice President of Organizational Development & Development Officer

Since beginning her work with Open Door in 1979, Cheyenne has been instrumental in the growth and success of the organization. Open Door’s Del Norte Community Health Center, Eureka Community Health Center, and McKinleyville Community Health Center were founded under her stewardship and supervision. Cheyenne has shepherded many other programs implementations, practice acquisitions and the construction of new modern facilities to increase access to quality health care in the region.

Before transitioning to the SVP, Organizational Development role, Cheyenne served Open Door for many years as Chief Operations Officer and interim Chief Executive Officer and was recognized for her exemplary service in the promotion of the health of the community by the US House of Representatives and the California Legislature.

Cheyenne has served on numerous Boards, including the California Family Planning Advisory Board, Humboldt Child Care Council, North Coast Clinic’s Network, and as a founding member of the California Reproductive Health Association and Northern California Rural Roundtable.

Interested in contributing to the community at large, Cheyenne has played a role in supporting youth and adult recreational soccer in Humboldt County and was instrumental in establishing women’s soccer as an intercollegiate sport at Humboldt State University.

Cheyenne has a longstanding interest in Ancient Maya Culture and has published papers on Maya Hieroglyphic Decipherment. She served as a researcher for the production of the film “Breaking the Maya Code” and the NOVA television special “Cracking the Maya Code” both by Nightfire Films.

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