[member-grid items=” Ted Humphry” perrow=”4″ linkprofiles=”1″ /]It has been well established that smoking is related to many health problems in adults. There is also evidence that smoking influences the health of people around the person who is smoking. This includes children in the home or car where the adults  smoke. Children whose parents smoke are more prone to respiratory infections and probably have less ability to take a deep breath and cough effectively.

If you’re a smoker, reducing your cigarette consumption or stopping smoking completely would have great benefits on your health and the health of your children.   You would be a great role model!!    If you can’t quit or can’t find a suitable substitute for smoking, smoke away from your children in another room, or best of all, go outside.  Change your clothes after smoking, or wear a long coat you can remove, before having contact with your children.  This will limit children’s contact with residual chemicals in a smoker’s clothing.   It is against the law to smoke in a car with children present, but it is a good idea to never smoke at any time in a car where children might ride.  Upholstery, material and leather absorb smoke and give off fumes later.

Keep your cigarettes, pipe tobacco and matches out of sight and out of reach. It’s best not to deny your habits to your children, but explain to them that it’s unhealthy, difficult to quite and encourage them not to smoke.

If you have more questions about smoking and your family, please feel free to give us a call.