Welcome to Summer Sprout Scouts!

Presented by the Member Services Department of  The Del Norte Community Health Center

Week 1: June 19, 2020

Theme of the Week: Soil


Activity of the Week: Hula Hooping if you don’t know how to hula hoop, just out these videos below:

Basic Exercise for Kids using a hula hoop

Hula Hooping for Health


Food Color of Highlight of the Week: Red

*You will find fun facts about red fruits & vegetables in your Summer Sprouts kit.*

Recipe of the Week: Hot Pink Beet Hummus

*Recipe included in your Summer Sprouts kit*


Craft of the week: Crown of grass

*You will find the instructions and supplies in your Summer Sprouts kit.*

Garden & Science

Science Lesson: What’s the Dirt on…Dirt?

*Also see soil lessons handout*

Garden Activity: Mud Pie, Lettuce garden

*Also see handout of Mud Pie Recipe*


Tea of the Week: Hibiscus       


Story time: Diary of a Worm by Doreen Cronin read by Keila C


Local Resource Spotlight:    

Del Norte Child Care Council https://www.dnccc.com/

Wonder Bus https://www.facebook.com/Wonder-Bus-323200604762171/