Welcome to Summer Sprout Scouts!

Presented by the Member Services Department of  The Del Norte Community Health Center

Week 6: July 24th, 2020

Theme of the Week: Herbs


Activity of the Week: Emotions Yoga

*Follow the handout in your summer sprouts kit to do some yoga*


Food Color of Highlight of the Week:  Green

*In your summer sprouts kit you will find fun facts  green foods but you’ll also find fun facts and health benefits of incorporating culinary herbs into your diet.*

Recipe of the Week: Ways to Use Lavender! & Fun ways to Cook with Herbs

*See info in your summer sprouts kit*


Craft of the week: Aroma Therapy Neck Pillows

*In your summer sprouts kit you will find the instructions & supplies*

Garden & Science

Garden Activity: Chive Herb Gardens

*In your summer sprouts kit are instructions & supplies included*


Tea of the Week: Chamomile

*In your summer sprouts kit you will find fun facts about Chamomile Tea*


Story time: If You Plant a Seed by Kadir Nelson read by Keila C.


Local Resource Spotlight:   

Farmer’s Market Vouchers & COVID related resources

*Contact DelNorte Community Health Center Member Services team*

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  • Email: memberservices@opendoorhealth.com