Redwood Community Health Center

The St. Joseph Hospital of Eureka Family Medicine Residency Program, a medical training alliance between Open Door Community Health Centers and St. Joseph Hospital, announced it “matched” all six of its available resident physician training positions to applicants seeking residency in the brand new program scheduled to begin in July of this year. Five of the six residents matched are from California, including physicians from Humboldt and Sonoma Counties.

Match Day, the term used to describe the day graduating medical students from across the United States find out where they will continue their medical careers, is a culmination of extensive interviews for both applicants and residency programs.  Open Door and St. Joseph Hospital reviewed approximately 700 applications and conducted over 100 interviews.

“As someone who personally experienced the anticipation and excitement of Match Day, I can relate to the emotions our new residents are feeling today,” said Roberta Luskin-Hawk, M.D., chief executive, St. Joseph Health, Humboldt County.  “We are thrilled at the response we’ve received and feel confident that it is indicative of our dedicated leadership, passionate faculty and trusted partners responsible for educating the next generation of primary care providers.”

The family medicine residency program represents a transformational moment for the medical community on the North Coast. Core faculty from Open Door Community Health Centers, specialists from St. Joseph Health Medical Group, select independent physicians affiliated with St. Joseph Hospital and hospital leaders, will collaborate to educate the new physicians.

The program will have a holistic primary care focus, with an emphasis on rural family medicine. Residents will have a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in rural medicine, and live as an integral member of the community.

In addition to experiencing the full spectrum of family care, residents will receive training in complex, hospital-based medical care and will also work with community based services, including, home health, hospice and support services.

During their training, resident physicians will be available to see patients under the supervision of the faculty, and after their three years of training, national statistics suggest many will stay within 50 miles of their residency location. By 2021, the program will feature a total of 18 residents in training.

“We see this program as not only a critical way to build the ranks of our local physician population, but an opportunity to leverage the exceptional professional experience of local physicians and teach the next generation of physician leaders in Humboldt County,” added May Hong, MD, program director, St. Joseph Hospital of Eureka Family Medicine Residency Program.

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