Due to the recent Measles outbreak in California, Open Door Community Health Centers has taken a closer look at what our health centers can do to safeguard the health of our community.

Everyone needs and deserves to be protected from Measles, a highly contagious disease, as well as other vaccine-preventable illnesses including pertussis (whooping cough), influenza (Flu), pneumonia, and varicella (chicken-pox).

Among others, pregnant women and infants may not be recommended for the vaccine. It is extremely important that those who are healthy enough to receive vaccines are fully up-to-date to prevent the spread of potentially devastating diseases in our community.

We would like to be your family’s resource for information and questions regarding recommended immunizations. Our Care Teams are ready to share the immunization information we have at hand and will work with you and your family as a team. Please request an appointment through MyChart or call your clinic to schedule an appointment with your Open Door Care Team.

Your child may be eligible for free or reduced-cost immunizations; please check when you call your clinic or contact our Member Services Department for more information.



Eloi Hoopman, Open Door Provider, speaks about immunizations.