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We’re a growing family

Open Door started as a single clinic in 1971. At that time there wasn’t enough access to quality health care in Humboldt and the surrounding counties. The founders of Open Door Community Health Centers shared the vision of providing excellent health care and education to all members of the community.
Now, Open Door has 10 clinics spread throughout Humboldt and Del Norte counties, serving approximately 50,000 patients a year and employing over 500 members of the community. Open Door continually seeks to promote the development of a health care system which meets the needs and enhances the health to all members of our community.

Providing quality health care continues to be the goal of Open Door and when you bring your career to Open Door, the work you do directly affects the health of thousands.
From the business people who shape our policies, to the IT professionals enabling life-saving data, to the nurses and physicians on the front line of patient care, everyone here has a role to play.
Knowing you have a place in that process and witnessing the outcome of the work you do is empowering. It gives you a cause to stand behind. And it makes you feel proud of the work you do every day.