340B Drug Discount Program logo

A Drug Discount Program That Supports Community Health

The federal 340B Drug Discount program supports community health:

  • Allows Open Door to prescribe our patients lower cost drugs
  • Creates better communication between your pharmacy and your care team
  • Supports Open Door services

When you show your 340B card at an Open Door partner pharmacy you can save money and you support Open Door’s mission to provide high quality health care to the whole community.

Open Door patients can call (707) 798-6277 and our team will help.

340B Drug Discount Program logo

Contact Us About 340B

In 1992 the Federal Government passed a law that requires drug companies to give community health centers reduced prices on some drugs.

That law created the 340B Program, which helps organizations like Open Door in our mission to provide health care services and more to as many patients as possible.

As well as passing on savings to patients, through our partner pharmacies, the program allows us to:

  1. Hire doctors, dentists, counselors, nurses and other staff to support patients
  2. Build health centers
  3. Teach doctors and dentists
  4. Operate mobile health centers to provide care at schools and other locations
  5. Help patients to get insurance coverage and find local resources for their health and wellbeing
  6. Improve our health center facilities, so that we can stay open whatever the weather

Some drug companies have decided to cut back the number of pharmacies where patients can get their drugs discounted. We want to keep drug costs low for our patients and keep our doors open to the whole community.

We can help you either:

  1. Switch to a nearby partner pharmacy that offers a saving on your drug prescription
  2. Change your prescription to a similar drug that gives you a saving

Contact us to learn more

Our Community Pharmacy Partners

Open Door partners with community and specialty pharmacies to expand services and provide low cost medications. Patients receive additional discounts with their community savings card at community pharmacies as designated by *

Barnes Arcata Family Drug *
1080 G St Arcata, CA 95521

CVS Pharmacy
800 W Harris St STE 20 Eureka, CA 95503

CVS Pharmacy
1105 Myrtle Ave Eureka, CA 95501

CVS Pharmacy
2525 4th St Eureka, CA 95501

CVS Pharmacy
600 F St Arcata, CA 95521

CVS Pharmacy
1720 Central Ave McKinleyville. CA 95519

CVS Pharmacy
657 US Highway 101 N. Crescent City, CA 95531

Greens Fortuna Pharmacy *
906 Main St Fortuna, CA 95540

Palco Pharmacy *
113 Main St Suite D, PO Box 157 Scotia, CA 95565

Rings Pharmacy *
362 Main Street PO Box 577 Ferndale, CA 95536

Rite Aid Pharmacy
575 M St Crescent City, CA 95531

Rite Aid Pharmacy
1500 Anna Sparks Way, Suite D McKinleyville, CA 95519

Rite Aid Pharmacy
411 Harris Street Eureka, CA 95503

Rite Aid Pharmacy
725 South Fortuna Boulevard Fortuna, CA 95540

Safeway Pharmacy *
475 M Street Crescent City, CA 95531

Safeway Pharmacy *
2555 Harris Street Eureka, CA 95503

Walgreens Pharmacy
787 L St Crescent City, CA 95531-2882

Walgreens Pharmacy
1424 Broadway Eureka, CA 95501

Walgreens Pharmacy
2525 Harris Street Eureka, CA 95503-4805

Walgreens Pharmacy
1065 S Fortuna Blvd Fortuna, CA 95504

Willow Creek Pharmacy *
39050 HWY 299 Willow Creek, CA 95573