Portrait of Ashlie Crews, ACSW

Ashlie Crews, Behavioral Health Clinician – LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

We are pleased and proud to announce the addition of Ashlie Crews, newly Licensed Clinical Social Worker, to our Behavioral Health staff. She has been working for us as an Associate Clinical Social Worker, as well as a Case Manager before that.
Ashlie earned her Masters of Social Work from Ohio State University. She also graduated from Humboldt State University with a Bachelor’s of Social Work degree.
Ashlie lived throughout much of California while growing up, and even ended up in Crescent City during High School. She has been in Humboldt County for 16 years. Her and her husband have 3 children and 1 grandchild.
“I love working with a diverse group of people. I have yet to find a group that I do not enjoy engaging with. Being able to offer support and skills that can help long after someone leaves the office is important to me. I enjoy learning about different modalities, and have spent time gaining knowledge around CBT, DBT, Motivational Interviewing, ACT, and Mindfulness, as well as others that help accomplish this.”
Ashlie came back to the North Coast after getting married. She appreciates living where the Redwoods meet the ocean.
She loves spending time outdoors, at the river or the beach, with her family and dogs. Reading time is also important to her, as it balances an active work week.

Ashlie practices at Humboldt Open Door Clinic.