Portrait of Lisa Hoyt, FNP

Lisa Hoyt, FNP

Family Nurse Practitioner

We are pleased and proud to announce the addition of Lisa Hoyt, Family Nurse Practitioner, to our Medical staff. Lisa works at the Cal Poly Student Health Center and will be working for us part-time when the students are gone. She is also a returning provider having worked for Open Door previously for approximately 15 years.
Lisa earned her FNP/PA Certification from the University of Davis, School of Medicine. She has also trained in Advanced Clinical Herbalism, as a Clinical Ayurvedic Practitioner, and just completed a 2 year program at the School for Applied Functional Medicine.
Lisa has been a FNP for 27 years. Her interests are in women’s hormonal health, digestive health, and metabolic health. She specializes in integrative medicine/Functional medicine as well as herbal medicine and nutrition.
Lisa has lived on the North Coast for 40+ years. One of her best decisions ever! She grew up on the East Coast until the age of 17.
She is a proud parent of her young adult daughter. When she is not working she enjoys gardening, hiking, adventuring, crafting, cooking, making herbal medicines.

Lisa practices at Eureka Community Health Center.