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NorthCountry Clinic

785 18th Street
Arcata, CA 95521

Phone: (707) 822-2481
Fax: (707) 822-3656

Hours: Monday 8:00am-5:00pm
Tuesday – Friday 8:00am-5:00pm, closed for lunch 12-1

Open Door Pediatric Services


Family practice services for all of your primary medical needs, including diagnosis, treatment and referral for more advanced care as necessary. Clinic provides diagnosis and treatment for acute illnesses (such as flu, colds, aches and pains, fatigue) and chronic conditions (including diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma, emphysema). Routine health screenings, immunizations and boosters, and lab tests are provided as appropriate. We work to help you with disease prevention and health maintenance activities and ways you can take care of yourself. Well-child examinations and annual adult check-ups offered to all patients.

Additional services at the NorthCountry Clinic include: Behavioral Health Counseling and Support, Opiate Dependency Treatment, and Women’s Health. Patients can also be referred to see our Case Manager for assistance with housing, employment, paperwork and numerous other services. Patients established at the NorthCountry Clinic can be referred to other Open Door Clinics, including the Telehealth & Visiting Specialist Center, for additional and specialty services. Referral to and coordination with other specialists provided as needed, with follow-up care in the clinic. The clinic also provides follow-up care after hospital stays.

The clinic has 14 private examination rooms, with four physicians, three mid-level practitioners and a clinical psychologist on staff. Young children should be seen often for routine immunizations and well-child examinations. Older children and adults should be seen for routine check-ups every year. Public or private coverage is typically available for children. Coverage for adults depends on a number of factors; we will assist you in determining eligibility for Medi-Cal, Medicare, CMSP, Family PACT and other programs. Those without insurance are eligible for discounts based on income and ability to pay. We accept most private insurance.

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Gerald (Jerry) Alston, MD
Gerald (Jerry) Alston, MD
Dr Alston has been a family practitioner at NorthCountry Clinic since 1998. He completed Medical School in 1991 at the State University of New York at Stony Brook and obtained his Family Practice Residency at the Providence Medical Center in Seattle, Washington.

During his education, Dr. Alston cared for patients in Mexico and El Salvador. His interests include Guitar, Bicycling, Soccer, Hiking, and spending time with his family.

Judy Burns, MD
Judy Burns, MD
Eloi Hoopman, DO
Eloi Hoopman, DO
Julie Ohnemus, MD
Julie Ohnemus, MDMedical Director
Notes from Julie Ohnemus, MD

I came to NorthCountry Clinic because of its mission to provide care for everyone, regardless of social status, income or insurance; and its focus on community health. We see a broad spectrum of patients, from HSU professors to homeless individuals. With each person who walks through our door, we do our best to listen, respond to their concerns and provide high quality health care. I will always remember a homeless person with a severe psychiatric disorder saying to me, “Every time I come here, I feel like the ‘king of the day’.” That’s the way I want all of our patients to feel.

NorthCountry Clinic has always focused on education. We want our patients to be full participants in their health care. We address the whole person with our case management, behavioral health services and medical care.

NorthCountry Clinic serves as the buprenorphine (or Suboxone) treatment center for Arcata. Suboxone is an office-based treatment for opiods dependence, including heroin and medications such as methadone, Vicodin and Oxycotin. These medications all have value, but they can be abused. With this program we seek to reduce the chemical dependency and offer the patient the opportunity to redevelop their self esteem and self confidence; the vital emotional journey necessary to avoid relapse. Often with addiction people exist in two different worlds: their public persona with family or work; and their shadow life of addiction. To be successful in recovery there needs to be a conscious effort to overcome the shame, guilt, and other emotions that accompany addiction. We’re working together to create a foundation of self value to guide better choices in the future. Open Door also provides suboxone treatment at its Eureka and Del Norte clinics.

I was a part of creating the Humboldt Community Breast Health Project because we needed something beyond medical care. As a doctor, there is only so much I can do. By creating partnerships, promoting healthy survivorship, and supporting each other, we increase our power to heal and enjoy life.

Julie Ohnemus received her MD from the University of Arizona College of Medicine in 1988. She joined NorthCountry Clinic in 1991 and is the clinic’s medical director as well as associate chief medical officer of Open Door Community Health Centers. Dr. Ohnemus has also been director of Open Door’s behavioral health and psychiatry programs. For more information about the Humboldt County Breast Health Project, please visit

Maria Spetzler, PA-C
Maria Spetzler, PA-C
Maria Spetzler is a home grown Medical Practitioner for Open Door, having worked as a Medical Assistant and Lab Manager for the Clinics since 1993. In 2000, Maria was accepted to the PA program at UC Davis School of Medicine. She returned to the Open Door team as a PA-C in 2002. She has developed an emphasis in diabetes management, and now offers focused consultations for patients with diabetes who are having self management difficulties.
Lynn Stacy, RD
Lynn Stacy, RDRegistered Diatitian
Deborah Sweitzer, PA
Deborah Sweitzer, PA
Kelvin Vu, DO
Kelvin Vu, DO
Dr. Kelvin Vu graduated from UCLA with a major in Psychobiology and a minor in Education Studies. He received his medical degree from Western University and completed his residency training in Family Medicine at UC Davis Medical Center, where he also served as Chief Resident in his last year.

Dr. Vu came to Open Door Community Health Centers with the goal of practicing full-spectrum family medicine while providing care to an underserved community. He is excited to serve as the medical director for Mobile Health Services. In his free time, he enjoys traveling the world with his wife (who is a physician at McKinleyville Community Health Center), participating in medical trips to third world countries, watching movies, and playing sports.