Open Door Community Health Centers, Arcata, California,is committed to leadership, transformation, and innovation in healthcare.

This residency program is designed for new Nurse Practitioners (NPs) and Physician Assistants (PAs) who are committed to developing career practices in the challenging setting of a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC).

Open Door is now accepting applications for the2022-23 residency program.

The program begins in September


  • Prepare NPs and PAs to assume responsibility for primary care of complex, under served populations across all life cycles and in multiple settings.
  • Train new NPs and PAs in a model of primary care consistent with the Institute of Medicine (IOM) principles of healthcare and the needs of vulnerable populations.
  • Build the clinical skills, confidence, productivity, and job satisfaction of new NPs and PAs who choose to work in under served community settings, as well as contribute to employer satisfaction and workforce retention.
  • Increase the number of NPs and PAs that choose long-term careers in FQHCs, and develop their leadership abilities in those organizations and in the healthcare system.

Application Requirements

Type or legibly print all responses and complete the application. Please note: complete addresses and telephone numbers are required, where indicated. Dates must be inclusive (ie. month and year).

If a question is not applicable, please note “N/A.” Attach additional sheets if there is insufficient space on the application for your response. Please answer all questions; do not indicate “See CV.”

The following documents must be included with your application:

  • CV with MONTH and YEAR for WORK and EDUCATION history sections.
  • CV must show a five (5) year work history MONTH & YEAR format.
  • Written and signed explanation of any gaps in work history over three (3) months, if applicable.

Nurse Practitioners

  • Copy of California RN license
  • Copy of California APRN license
  • Copies of license(s) from any other state
  • California Controlled Substances license
  • Federal DEA certificate
  • ANCC / AANP / NCCPA certification or evidence of eligibility for certification
  • Copy of driver’s license
  • Professional diploma. (BSc, BSN, MS, MSN)
  • Three (3) signed letters of recommendation, at least one of which should include your former employer and one peer
  • Non-US residents must provide proof of eligibility to work in US (permanent resident card / VISA etc.), if applicable

Licensure and credentialing materials (i.e. Board Certification, CA licenses, DEA, and Controlled Substance licenses) are not required when applying; please note “pending.”

All licensure and credentialing materials are required by the start of residency by September of this year.